Privacy Policy: We use some cookies from sites like Google for stuff like Google Analytics. 

We collect your email address when you submit using a form, but will never send you spam. We hate spam. Except the meat kind. In fact, as web designers, we will not help you build any website or system that promotes spam, no matter how much you want to pay us for it (unless of course you are referring to spam sandwiches, in which case we'd love to make you a website). 

We will never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances give, sell, or lend your information to anyone. We will resist torture from the CIA before we give out your info. 

We will also never show anyone's privates on a website. That's just tasteless. Seriously, what kind of a place do you take this internet for, anyways? We like to keep it classy. But yeah, we can't be making websites for any sort of illegal activity, or anything that promotes violence, sexism, racism, plagiarism, fascism, fundamentalism or the Flat Earth Society. 

And we would never let a client of ours get eaten by dinosaurs. That's just careless.